Essay Sample: Wifi Technology, Strengths and Weaknesses

wifi technology strengths and weaknesses


WiFi is a trademark title, also spelled as Wifi is a form of technology which enables electronic gadgets to perform data exchange or connect to internet using wireless connectivity via a 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz SHF broadcasting waves.. Ideally, WiFi alliance provides a definition of WiFi as Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) components on the basis of Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) for the 802.11 standards. Nevertheless, from the fact that majority of WLAN have been built on the above standards, WiFi could also be used in common English for the WLAN. Continue reading “Essay Sample: Wifi Technology, Strengths and Weaknesses”

Essay Sample: Importance of Technology

Sample Essay Importance of Technology

Technological advancement has resulted in a high number of benefits that people would not be aware of without modern devices. In fact, the living standards have improved, and work has become easier than it was in the past days. Technology has also extended the lifespan of human beings since modern medical health care services enable medical practitioners to improve one’s health conditions easily (Pinch & Bijker 40). Continue reading “Essay Sample: Importance of Technology”

Essay Sample: Present Day Networks and Web Technology

Present Day Networks and web technology


Internet Protocol Version 4(IPv4) is a protocol widely used for data communication over various types of networks. It is configured manually or automatically to serve a wide range of devices. It uses 32 bit addresses. The major characteristic of IPv4 addresses is that two devices on the internet cannot have the same address at the same time (Bagad & Dhotre, 2006). The address structure was originally defined with network ID and host ID. The network ID identifies the network to which a particular host is connected. The host ID identifies the network connection to the host rather than the actual host. Continue reading “Essay Sample: Present Day Networks and Web Technology”

Technology Essay Sample: The Role of Non-Western Science & Technology: Vijnanavada in Oriental Science and Mathematics

The Role of Non-Western Science & Technology


A substantive body of Hindu philosophic and mathematical thought, pertaining to the classic Mahayana school of Buddhism and known as Vijnanavada or Yogacara, can be seen as an early attempt at filling in some of the more elusive notion gaps while bridging the obscure later elaborations to their original legacy (Nagao, 1991, pp. 53-62). Continue reading “Technology Essay Sample: The Role of Non-Western Science & Technology: Vijnanavada in Oriental Science and Mathematics”

Technology Essay Sample: Quantum Vacuum Energy

Quantum Vacuum Energy

Generation of renewable energy has been a major concern to various stakeholders for many years. Though the field of quantum vacuum engineering has been extensively studied, little studies have focused on generation of energy from quantum vacuum. Recently, a lot of research has been done to determine ways by which energy can be generated through Casimir effect (Bordag 89). If the researches succeed and the energy becomes available, various changes will take place. Continue reading “Technology Essay Sample: Quantum Vacuum Energy”