Essay Sample: Importance of Technology

Technological advancement has resulted in a high number of benefits that people would not be aware of without modern devices. In fact, the living standards have improved, and work has become easier than it was in the past days. Technology has also extended the lifespan of human beings since modern medical health care services enable medical practitioners to improve one’s health conditions easily (Pinch & Bijker 40).

There are uncountable benefits of the technology that have as well brought about endless benefits to the human race. As a result of technologic progress, there is a whole bunch of gadgets surrounding every human being throughout the day. Craving for technology makes learners to multitask in everything that they do. They want to use their technology gadgets along with tasks they are performing (Pinch, & Bijker, 2004).

According to Rogers (1998), it might appear important for students to own a device that can perform tasks concerning anything. Take into consideration this scenario: one may take out his or her phone to confirm what the time is (Rogers 198).

Then, once the phone is out of the pocket already, it is necessary to check email. Therefore, one ends up using a few minutes assessing whether or not to respond to email or respond later. It goes on from there thinking what must be a reasonable quick function that is checking what the time is into a group of functions you necessarily require (Pinch & Bijker 42).

Technology has caused many students to remain online the whole day as they do their school work. In fact, as a student I use the Internet the whole day that helps them perform other things that are expected from them. Most students feel uncomfortable, whenever they are not online.

They think that having online friends is more satisfying than having real-life friends. In addition, students prefer to play games online rather than join a playground. Despite the fact that online gaming does not favor the players physically, they prefer playing online claiming that it is easier, more entertaining, and friendly as compared to physical games. They can also play the game as they continue with their studies.

Online gambling has increased drastically as a result of multitasking. Technology has shown students the possibility of earning money without struggling. Therefore, they take advantage of technology, and prefer to use their time looking for online luck and chance. Fortunately, online gambling, similar to other types of gambling, is sometimes promising (Heap, Thomas, Einon, Mason, & Mackay, 1995).

Another impact of multitasking is a social networking efficiency. I use Nokia Lumia 930 that has a bright five inch full HD display. It has a surrounding sound recording and a 20mp previews camera. In addition, it has a built in wireless charging system.

It is favorable for students to chat with their friends online most of their time. They make online friends and value them even more than the real ones. They spend a lot of time updating their statuses and checking the new posts that make the whole experience enjoyable (Anderson, 2002).

In conclusion, technology has many benefits especially to students. One of the main benefit it has brought to my life as a student is the ability to multitask. It makes work easier, and I can complete a number of activities at a go.

However, it requires a person to make a decision to at least weaken the addiction. It needs about two months for an individual to be able to multitask and efficiently depend on technology.

Setting limits on how many hours one spends online per day helps individuals to devote much of their time to gadgets and double the outcome of the activity that could have taken a long period. Secondly, setting boundaries between research and life practices is important. It helps students understand the distinction between personal practices and their research.

Additionally, students should find practical hobby that involve social, media, or electronics contribution. Therefore, it makes work easier, and one can enjoy to the fullest.

Developing a healthy plan on how often one checks his/her social network updates, emails, and phone messages help reduce technology laxity. Individuals should make a decision to multitask and depend on technology as it makes work easier, thereby affecting their learning positively.

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