Technology Essay Sample: Next Generation Technology Solutions (NGTS)

Description of the company

Next generation technology Solutions Company limited is a company that will also deal with the production of computer hardware and the production of the computer software also the installation and maintenance of the systems to other companies.

The company will be based in Cape Town South Africa where there are enough resources and labor to serve the company operations. The country has a ready market for the company’s products and services. The brand name of the company product will NGTS limited, this will bear the initials of the full names of the company and this will be a very easy and memorable name for our clients.

This is my company’s products name that will trend in the social sites and all the company’s holdings and assets will bear this name. The trademark logo will incorporate the initials of the company which is NGTS and red in color, surrounded by a triangle which will be blue in color. This is a logo that will be distinguishable from other company’s products and which will be unique one (Morris, 2011).

The computers will undertake the normal triangular shape of the slim screen computers. The software will be sold in t a compact disk form where the CD will bear the name the name of the company and the software introduction before installation to other people computers will be designed that it will describe the nature of the company before installation.

The products will bear the red color that is unique from others which are always black. The size of the system units in the cases of desktops will be much smaller compared to others from other computers which are relatively big in size.

The target market

NGTS limited will be targeting the newly opening businesses and sometimes the existing ones that feel do not have the required systems and computer machines that enable them undertake the daily activities effectively and efficiently.

Those companies may be operating with computer software that are outdated and do not have the latest features and versions to undertake the complex organizational tasks (Pride, & Ferrell, 2009). The information technology staffs from NGTS will install and maintain the systems of these companies which will include updating them from time to time.

The team will provide the effective cloud computing services that the current and the potential businesses are lacking here in the vast market of South African companies. The computers that NGTS will sell to the companies will be readily installed with the NGTS software to give them effective working and matching of the software with the computers.

Due the increasing number or the companies being stated up in the whole country and the whole of South African region, there is a wide market on which to invest and porch some customers from the existing IT services and approach the potential business investors for services.

We will also target the institutions of learning in providing cyber services in the institutions and the parastatals which we will offer some services at subsidized prices and others for free. This will help the institution create a good public image to the public. In order to make the company known and create good perception in the minds of the people, the company will open up cyber in most cities and give these services at more subsidized prices where the public will get to interact with the company’s goods and services (Pride & Ferrell, 2009).

The company will also offer open forums and career talks with the current and potential businesses in order to help them on how to adopt and maintain good business software and hardware and updated systems.

The above services for free or for subsidized prices will enables as NGTS ltd to penetrate much in the minds of the public than our competitors (Morris, 2011). Software and cloud computing market is becoming very competitive not only in south Africa but in the whole world since every enterprises are going digital.

These acts are making many service providers to avail themselves in the market. The above measures will help us deal with the vast intensive competition we are to face in providing the services. By providing the above products and services well, our current and esteemed customers will be much satisfied and they will remain loyal to the company and help us with much information on how to provide much quality services to them.
Company’s pricing strategies

NGTS services and products will serve both the high, middle and low operating businesses. These operations will the company to come up with some effective pricing strategies that will leave each and every client of the company satisfied. NGTS has found the following pricing strategies effective and will be used by the management to satisfy the customers. The pricing strategies are:

Discrimination pricing- NGTS will divide its market into group or segment of clients. Where we will sell the same products to and services to different customers at different prices in order to reach and satisfy every customer.

We found this method to be effective since systems installation and maintenance is very expensive and charging the same prices to companies with high incomes as low income ones will be much unethical (Pride, & Ferrell, 2009). In the high income institutions like the insurance companies, banks, cooperatives and others, the cost of the hardware and software will be relatively high.

NGTS will also assign each of these institutions with a technical assistance that will take care of the systems all the time. This technical assistant will take also take care of the surrounding small businesses.

In the cases of governmental enterprises and the institutions of learning, the company will offer these services to them at very much subsidized prices and to some extent some free services. This will make every business and enterprise in the economy to afford the services of NGTS.

Value-based pricing- this criterion focuses on the value of the service the NGTS products and services will give to the company. Some institutions like high schools and primary schools, mining firms and other of such caliber do not need systems much (Pride & Ferrell, 2009). To institutions like these, the prices will be low compared to their counterparts like the banks and insurance companies.

Products and services distribution strategies

At first the distribution of the products will follow the strategy of producer-client service and product delivery criterion. By these, NGTS experts will be able to know the clients well and their needs.

This strategy will help the company to interact and know the most needs and the challenges they face. After the staffs and the management of the company has bonded with the clients (Pride & Ferrell, 2009). The company will start using agents and retailers who will be working on the conditions as directed by NGTS. With the knowledge of the clients the company has, the retailers will not fool the management.

Some customers are related to areas where it will hard for the staffs of NGTS to access on everyday basis. These areas will be allocated with wholesalers and retailers who will sell at the directives of the management of NGTS. The products of the company will bear some initial signs and serial codes that the customers will be requested to check keenly in order to determine validity (Morris, 2011). In the case of cloud computing of the companies and institutions in the local areas, NGTS will provide every locality with a number of IT specialists in order to design, install and maintain them often.

NGTS promotional, marketing and public relations strategies

As a matter of fact, promotion is very essential for the success of every business. Clients need incentives from the companies in to motivate on using the company’s products and services (Pride & Ferrell, 2009). NGTS have this in mind.

We will have set up a policy where for such amount of money a client uses in the purchase of the company’s products and services, there will be such amount of bonus and discounts given. Upon the purchase of the hardware, the company will install the hardware with software for free on behalf of the client. Upon the purchase of more than ten computers from any NTGS outlets, the company will offer free logistic services and free installation and cloud computing for free (Morris, 2011).

The following one year, the maintenance of the software will accounted by NTGS on behalf of the client. The company will use personal selling which will involve demonstrations as a way of marketing. The earlier stated cyber located by the company all around the country will be used as technical contact and testing centers for potential clients and the current ones.

NGTS will also create a webpage and join social sites where the clients will get information regarding products and services updates. Regarding the public relations activities, besides the main office NGTS will open up contact centers in all towns and localities and provide clients with customer care services numbers that will be available all the times.


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