Technology Essay Sample: Pros and Cons of Robotic Technology

The study of pros and cons of robotic technology is important with a particular interest in robotic surgery, robotic nurses and robotic medication dispenser. Robotic technology refers to the use of automated machines that are programmed to undertake particular mechanical functions just like man.

The first robot was developed in 1940’s and over the years, various fields such electronics, mechatronics, bioengineering, computer science, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence have incorporated the use of robotics to perform numerous functions.

The use of robotic technology is commonly associated with the developed countries. There are numerous advantages that come with the application of robots. Nevertheless, the use of robotics has resulted in some disadvantages especially to the people concerned and the world at large. In the light of this background, the pros and cons of the use of robotic surgery, robotic medication dispenser and robotic nurses in the medical industry shall be examined.

Pros of Robotic Surgery

Robotic surgery refers to the process by which small tools are used to perform surgical operations. It is relatively new hence its efficacy and uses have not been well established. There are several advantages that these systems have to the patients. Firstly, the patients are subjected fewer complications and reduced risk of any many infections due to the increased accuracy and precision that the automated machines have.

Secondly, the use of robotic surgery results in the loss of less blood as compared to surgery performed by human beings. It is attributed to the improved maneuverability of the instruments. The patients are also subjected to shorter stays in the hospital since they tend to heal quickly, thus, the patients are allowed to revert to their normal activities.

Cons of Robotic Surgery

The cost of performing surgery through the use of robots is overly expensive and thus most people are unable to afford it. The time taken to complete the surgical operations is evidently longer in relation to the time human beings would take to perform the same operations. Moreover, the robotic surgery machines take up much space in the operating rooms.

Pros of Robotic Medication Dispenser

The use of robotic medication dispensers has resulted in an increase of the average number of prescriptions per day. Research findings have revealed that the prescription rate per day has increased to 900 prescriptions due to the use of the robotic technology.

Cons of Robotic Medication Dispenser

The use of robotic medication dispensers in pharmacies has resulted in various shortcomings. Suppose the robotic medication dispenser prescribes a wrong dosage, there are higher chances of the mistakes will be multiplied repeatedly.

The consequences of this mistake befall many patients and thus are likely to be fatally affected. In addition, the robotic medication dispensers sometimes mix different drugs and issue out the wrong medication tom the patients. For example, more than 50 children in New Jersey were issued with breast cancer drugs rather than fluoride drugs.

Pros of Robotic Nurses

The usefulness of robotic nurses is apparent in the developed countries where the elderly people lack people to take care of them. In the technologically endowed countries, people not only tend to live longer but also have fewer children. The robotic nurses, therefore, help in taking care of the older generation.

The robotic nurses are more accurate as compared to the human beings. That is why they are increasingly preferred in operating theatres in the UK and the USA. In addition, the robotic nurses can comfortably handle the heavy lifting activities without the effects of back strain.

Cons of Robotic Nurses

The major disadvantage of the use of robotic nurses concerns the lack of natural feelings of intimacy and care towards the patients. It is not ideal for the patients to spend their twilight years on earth under the watchful eye of robotic nurses. The inability of the robots to engage in mutual conversations with the patients counts against the robotic nurses.

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